The Holy Bible is a spiritual treasury, one of the foundational books of Christianity. It is an inspired sourcebook of truth, God’s revealed word containing Old and a New Testament books illustrating our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s will, actions, and designs in creating the world and perfecting His children. (KJV)

Mormon Holy BibleA recent focused study of about 1000 households in the United States showed that 89% have Bibles in the home and more than the majority of those, include the presence of the King James Version of the Bible. Those statistics drop significantly for Bibles in the homes across the globe. Yet, we recognize that the sheer presence of The Holy Bible on our dining room tables doesn’t automatically bring more understanding of the purpose of life, God’s plan of happiness for His children, or joy in knowing the Savior: In fact, there is still a group of 28% of those under 35 years of age within the US alone, who have never read the Bible, and millions in other nations who are also biblically illiterate.

We, as Latter-day Saint Christians, love and revere the Bible. We encourage increased Bible learning, advocate seeing more Bibles opened, read with prayerful minds and hearts, and promise treasures for living, peace, and direction found within its pages. It is our desire that everyone have a copy of The Holy Bible and that they come to know Jesus Christ through the power of the Spirit that accompanies prayerful study.

Please accept this as our way of encouraging each of God’s children, and especially the rising generation, to have and to know of the authenticity and revelatory power of reading the Word of God, the Bible, personally. Request your copy of the Holy Bible today.