In the concluding chapters of 1 Nephi, the first book of scripture in the Book of Mormon, Lehi, an ancient prophet, and his family are living out in the wilderness after being directed by God to leave Jerusalem. The journey that could have been much easier with the help of Heavenly Father was difficult for Lehi’s family, because their direction was based on their faith and obedience. Similar to the way in our lives we are able to receive guidance and direction through the Spirit when we are righteous and obeying the commandments. As the members of Lehi’s family struggled to see the reasoning behind the direction they received, a journey that should have only taken a few months took eight years.

Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is full of examples of faith, of which Nephi is just one.

In the process of this journey to the “promised land,” which we eventually discover to be the Americas, Nephi, the righteous son of Lehi, is the only member of the family that does not murmur, or question, the decisions and direction of God. As the family struggles with trying to understand the difficulties of the journey, Lehi is chastened, or humbled, when Nephi receives instruction to build a ship. Previous to this command, the Lord had used Lehi as his spokesperson to deliver instruction to his sons. But now, as Lehi struggled to understand the trials they were going through, his steadfast son, Nephi was provided with the next direction.

Nephi is commanded to build a ship in order to transport him and his family to the “Promised Land.” Nephi has neither the experience or knowledge of how to build a ship, yet he never questions how it will be done and goes about doing as much as he is able to do without the Lord’s help. He has previous experience working with ore and metals and is therefore able to make some tools and as soon as he has done all that he can, he turns to the Lord for guidance. For being burdened with a task as monumental as building a ship, the confidence that Nephi puts in the Lord is admirable. He does not question the Lord’s motives nor does he question how he should go about building the ship. He simply puts his trust in the God and does all that he is able.


Through prayer we exercise faith in the Lord.

If we were all to have the courage of Nephi and trust in the Lord with any trial we are given, He would bless us with knowledge and answers to do what we need to do. Through prayer and seeking for truth, any question we have that may be brought to Heavenly Father will be answered if asked with a sincere heart. Heavenly Father knows each of us individually and knows what we need. He does not put anything harder than we can handle in our paths and always provides a way out for us if we would just take the time to seek Him out.

I know that this is true and that our prayers are answered. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to as the “Mormon” Church) is the true church and that the restored gospel has the fullness of Christ’s teachings. I am grateful to have the knowledge of the Book of Mormon in my life and invite you all to read it.

By Y. Lofthouse

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