by Luke Newmeyer

Hi Andrea,

Our selection in the Book of Mormon for this last week has been from 4 Nephi though Mormon 6. It
has been very interesting reading especially from the perspective of having returned recently from my
mission. I am very grateful for missions because of how they bring one’s focus to the basic principles
of the Gospel and their role in daily life. While reading in Mormon this week I found it very interesting to
compare the faith of Mormon and Moroni with the fear and despair of the fallen Nephites. This section of
the Book of Mormon is of course the section where Mormon witnesses the total destruction of his people
in the final battle at Cumorah. Over these final chapters of the Book of Mormon the people are given
many chances to call on God and ask him to help them but reject this opportunity. I can only imagine
just how dark it must have been to be so uncertain as to the future of their civilization and their individual
lives. The final battle at Cumorah is of course the climax and ultimate fall. In this darkest moment I found
verse 7 of Mormon 6 to be especially descriptive of the people’s lack of faith. It says: “And it came to pass
that my people, with their wives and their children, did now behold the armies of the Lamanites marching
towards them; and with that awful fear of death which fills the breasts of all the wicked, did they await to
receive them.” Without Christ and faith in God there is nothing left but to fear. We don’t know the end and
what will happen to us at any given moment.

The prophet MormonMoroni, just as his father Mormon, had a different point of view with regard to his purpose and future. Interestingly, Moroni was also unsure of his future. He had people hunting him that wanted him dead. His attitude, however, was completely different from that of the fallen Nephites. Repeatedly throughout Mormon chapter 8 he says “it mattereth not” speaking of his life and future. I think we can learn a lot from this example because in the end it really doesn’t matter as long as we have faith in Christ. If we live by his law and by his commandments what happens will always what he wants to have happen and we do not need to concern ourselves with the details. We can place ourselves in his hands with complete certainty that there is nothing more to be done. I know that I have felt many times a feeling of complete peace and tranquility while in the midst of some of my biggest challenges. It is a wonderful feeling and
truly overcomes the sadness and despair of any external events. If we are here on earth and want to be happy then we can do what the Lord has asked and be certain that we will have happiness. I know this is true and am very grateful that I have felt many times in my life certainty and faith in God’s plan. My goal is to strive everyday to live with an attitude of faith and complete trust, seeking to complete the tasks that the Lord has planned for me. He wants the best for me and wants to guide me to find happiness.

I love you bunches and am glad for the wonderful life you live and the great example you are of service
and love. I hope the best for you every day and that you can have the inward peace the spirit brings.