by Austin Cook

We live in a very interesting time in the history of the world. All of the previous generations of the world
have looked to our time with great anticipation and excitement. They know that there would be amazing
miracles occurring and that the opportunities to share and teach the Gospel would be a lot greater than
what they currently faced. They also knew that while there would be great advances in the Kingdom,
the opposition from the adversary would also increase. A prophet-historian that lived in the American
continent named Mormon wrote for the future generations. He shared with us the way that we need to live
our life so that we would be able to overcome the trials and temptations that the adversary would use to
detour us from the path leading to eternal life.

Christ visits Book of Mormon peoplesThe first lesson that Mormon shares with us is the importance of loving our Heavenly father and keeping the commandments that He has given us. He teaches us about the people who lived just after the Savior visited the American continent. They were a very righteous people and lived for nearly 300 years in peace. The reason that they were able to be so righteous is because they first loved God and as a result they treated each other with respect and dignity. They were more concerned with serving and helping others that they didn’t focus on themselves. We can improve our lives the majority of the time by starting to forget about ourselves and starting to serve our Heavenly Father and our fellow man.

The second lesson that Mormon teaches us is the importance of praying with real intent. He shares a
personal experience of when his prayers start to lose their meaning because he is starting to pray without
faith. He had been fighting in wars for a majority of his life and had spent a lot of time teaching the people
that they needed to repent or they would be destroyed. As a result he also spent a lot of time praying for
the people and hoping that they would change. He says that over time his prayers changed to where he
was praying without faith. I think that we also have the same thing happen to us today when we spend a
lot of time praying for things that we want to happen, but often we don’t expect them to be answered.
My hope and prayer is that we can start to show that we love God by serving others and that we also
have faith that our prayers will be answered. By doing these things we will be able to be the people our
Heavenly Father wants us to be.