The Book of Mormon: Chapter Thirteen: 2 Nephi 28-30

Mormon Bible1And now, behold, my brethren, I have spoken unto you, according as the Spirit hath constrained me; wherefore, I know that they must surely come to pass.

2And the things which shall be written out of the book shall be of great worth unto the children of men, and especially unto our seed, which is a remnant of the house of Israel.

3For it shall come to pass in that day that the churches which are built up, and not unto the Lord, when the one shall say unto the other: Behold, I, I am the Lord’s; and the others shall say: I, I am the Lord’s; and thus shall every one say that hath built up churches, and not unto the Lord—

4And they shall contend one with another; and their priests shall contend one with another, and they shall teach with their learning, and deny the Holy Ghost, which giveth utterance.

I read an honest Christian leader’s appraisal of his brand of churches that had existed for years. He asked the question: Have these former Churches filled their purpose?  While pastors were striving to increase revivals, youth ministries and more, he watched and wondered if maybe their day was gone. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that some truth is to be found in many faiths, but that ‘all gospel’ truth and power have been restored within one true Church, restored to the earth today.

We invite you to learn more about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When it was restored, Peter, James and John, three of the Lord’s early Apostles, Presidency of the Church, appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. Under their direction, the priesthood authority necessary to administer the Savior’s ordinances–like baptism, receipt of the gift of the Holy Ghost, the Sacrament–was restored to the earth!  This is a glorious message with huge implications for you and I.

Share your questions and thoughts with us. What have you found to be the pressing question about life, life before life, or life after life?  The Savior has answered these questions in our day, and they complement what you’ve already gleaned from Bible study, I’m sure.

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