Grief mormonWe are gifted with our agency to choose, and even Lucifer himself cannot change that fact. His guises are many and his arsenal full, he cannot provoke us further than we allow him to go. We should not fear him but be mindful that he exists and is a real being, without body, and jealous of ours. He seeks our misery.

Elder George Albert Smith, a late prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often called the “Mormon” Church unknowingly by some friends of other faiths, so you may know us by that name), shares with us the influence of Satan’s power–subtle and deceptive:

Isn’t that just exactly what the devil says to the children of men today as plainly as it is written here? Oh, commit a little sin, that won’t do any harm, lie a little, that won’t do any particular damage, the Lord will forgive that and you will only be beaten with a few stripes and at last you shall be saved in the kingdom of God. That is what he says to the man or the woman who has been taught the Word of Wisdom when he says, “Oh, drink a little tea, that won’t hurt you; use a little tobacco, that won’t make any difference; a little liquor won’t do any harm. These are little things; he always does it a little at a time, not all at once. That is what I would like us to remember, my brethren, this morning. It is these insignificant insidious whisperings that betray mankind and that place us in the power of the devil. I want to say to you, in my judgment, that the use of tobacco, a little thing as it seems to some men, has been the means of destroying their spiritual life, has been the means of driving from them the companionship of the Spirit of our Father, has alienated them from the society of good men and women, and has brought upon them the disregard and reproach of the children that have been born to them, and yet the devil will say to a man, Oh, it’s only a little thing!” ( Conference Report, Apr. 1918, pp. 39–40).

Mormons are mindful of the little things and the big things that can hamper their growth, and seek to live by a code of health revealed to us by a prophet, known as The Word of Wisdom. We invite you to learn more about our lives, and our Christian values.