The Book of Mormon is a volume of ancient scripture given through prophets of Jesus Christ by revelation from God. The ancient people of the American continent where taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon gives me direction in my life that leads me closer to Jesus Christ. It helps me be a better friend and a better person. I know through the Spirit of God that it is true and good.

Here is a personal witness by Elena Gomez de Santurion, Uruguay

In chapter 2 of Ether we read that the brother of Jared was worried because there would be no light in their boats. When he asked the Lord about this, the Lord answered with a question: “What will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light?” (verse 25).

Book of MormonI have thought a lot about how the brother of Jared responded to the Lord’s question. First he climbed a mountain, where he “did molten out of a rock 16 small stones” (Ether 3:1). He carried the stones to the top of the mountain, where he prayed. He began by humbling himself before the Lord. He asked for mercy, and he acknowledged the power the Lord had to answer his prayer. Then he demonstrated his faith by saying, “We know that thou art able to show forth great power” (Ether 3:5). The brother of Jared asked the Lord to touch the stones so they could illuminate the boats.

This passage has changed the way I pray. Before, I often asked “Father, what would Thou have me do?” In reality many situations require that I put in some thought, analyze my resources, come up with a plan, then go to the Father and ask Him if the plan is OK–afterward praying for the miracles that I can’t make happen by myself.

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